About ProCube

ProCube is a recombinant protein production service using a silkworm-baculovirus expression system

ProCube delivers when other expression systems have failed.
At ProCube, we match the strength of recombinant technology with the power of nature to make high quality protein that is optimized and expressed in vivo.

ProCube offers the only silkworm-baculovirus protein expression system in the world.
With higher yields and faster expression than other baculovirus expression systems, ProCube provides high quality solutions that can effectively accelerate your discovery research.


ProCube offers recombinant protein for a variety of applications including:

■ Assays
  • ・HTS (small molecule inhibitor screening)
  • ・Protein-protein interaction analysis via SPR measurement
■ Structure-based drug discovery
  • ・Gene construction screening (types and positions of tags, intact or truncated by domains or at ramdom, etc,)
  • ・Mutation screening
  • ・Crystallization
  • ・Electron microscopy analysis
■ Antigens
  • ・Antigens for raising antibodies which recognize functionally folded protein
  • ・Calibrators or standards for biopharmaceuticals and IVD reagents