ProCube Advantage

- Our Promise -
We are committed to using our unique technology and robust experience to deliver personalized solutions


■ You are in control
Expression, purification and optimization protocol options are completely modifiable to suit your needs with quantities up to one gram. Work directly with our scientists to create a customized solution.


■ We value your time
We usually confirm protein expression in four weeks and scale-up and ship in as little as two weeks.
Over ten years of experience allows for quick troubleshooting and expedites our turnaround time for even
the most challenging proteins.


■ We focus on quality
We provide peace of mind with routine status updates and reliable shipping your protein anywhere in the world with our preferred couriers. We are committed to international quality standards and are ISO 9001:2008 certified. Several of our technologies are patented. All of our expression and purification protocols are created by PhD-level scientists.