ProCubeBiotechnology Center

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ProCube Biotechnology Center was established on November 1, 2012 at the Sysmex Research and Development Center. Located in the uplands of western Kobe, the center overlooks the Akashi Kaikyo Bridge and is surrounded by a lush green environment.

ProCube Biotechnology Center is a production facility that specializes in recombinant protein expression and purification using silkworms.

The trial and production lines in our 1100 square meter facility are completely segregated and separated by a corridor; where each area is maintained under constant pressure and temperature, and designated as biohazard areas for preventing virus from leaking to the outside.

Identification with a vein pattern authentication is required for entry, and only working research staff is allowed access to the facility.

The facility is equipped with a genetic recombination laboratory for inserting the target protein-coding gene into a virus; an infection and homogenization laboratory for infection of a virus into and extraction of protein from larvae and pupae; a purification laboratory for the separation and purification of the extract using chromatography equipment; a refrigerated cold room equipped with large instruments; as well as sterilization, washing and drying rooms.

Furthermore, there is an analysis laboratory for product analysis, a buffer measuring and adjustment laboratory, a product storage room, and a disposal storage room, each located independently in their respective areas.

With the completion of this facility, we are able to produce over 1,000 different types of protein per year due to a four-fold increase in production capacity.