ProCube Service Details

For New Orders(A)

Use this service to create an expression protocol for your protein of your choice in our expression system.
Send us your gene of interest and we will construct an expression vector for our expression system, express your protein in five silkworm pupae, and purify your protein with an affinity column to determine if your target protein expresses in our expression system. We will also determine solubility and calculate protein yield per one insect. To increase the probability of optimized protein expression, several conditions, such as a variety of tags, tag locations and truncated versions are available to order. Each customer consults with our scientists to determine the best conditions to create an optimized protocol for protein expression.

ProCubeT series

Scale: 5 pupae / Deliverables: Protein sample and expression report / Turnaround time: 4 weeks +

Crude sample

Vector construction through protein expression

Purified sample

Vector construction through affinity purification

For Your Repeat Orders(B and C)

Once we create a baculovirus coding for your gene of interest in the trial step, we can manufacture your target protein faster and more efficiently. For customers requiring purification, we will create a purification protocol; and for customers requiring large amounts of a protein which we have previously expressed, we can scale up the protein (up to one gram) with the protocols established in the initial steps. Scalability is linear in our expression system allowing us to efficiently determine the number of silkworms needed to meet your desired quantity during this protein manufacturing phase*. Adjusting MOI like other baculovirus expression systems is not needed, therefore our turnaround time for protein production is expedited.

ProCubeM series

Minimum Scale: 10 pupae / Deliverables: Protein sample and expression report / Turnaround time: 2 weeks +

Crude sample
(with 10 pupae +)
Purified sample
(with 10 pupae +)

* Yield is calculated based upon The result of initial steps; however, yield cannot be guaranteed.

Service Options

Choose from a variety of options to meet your research and budget needs.
Protein analysis is also available for proteins you prepare.

  • ・Additional Affinity
  • ・IEX
  • ・GPC
Sample optimization
  • ・Tag cleavage
  • ・Dialysis
  • ・Concentration
  • ・Native PAGE
  • ・DLS
  • ・MS
  • ・Negative control preparation
  • ・Gene synthesis

We do not guarantee protein yield and purity levels.