About Silkworm-Baculovirus
 Expression System


Our Experience
We have expressed over 2,000 proteins as a contract research organization and nearly 6,000 proteins for a Japanese government project1 since 2000.

Protein Expression Comparison

These protein expression results are from 100 proteins of which their functions were known. Our silkworm-baculovirus expression system (SBES) had the highest expression rate compared to other expression systems with an expression rate of 97%.

Expression level of silkworm is 1,000-fold higher than mammalian CHO system and 100-fold higher than insect Sf9 system in case of expressing mouse interferon beta2.

1 New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization (NEDO): Protein Functional Analysis and Application Project

2 Usami, et al., (2010). Silkworm as a host of baculovirus expression system. Curr Pharm Biotechnol. 11(3):246-50

Snapshot of Proteins Expressed in SBES

Here is a snapshot of proteins we have expressed for customers, highlighting protein types, localization, molecular weight and gene source.

Expression and Purification Examples

Silkworms effectively overexpress your target protein. Average protein yield ranges from 10 μg to 1 mg per silkworm after purification.

Membrane Protein Expression

We have expressed over 3,000 membrane proteins. We have expressed membrane proteins with seven transmembrane domains or less with an expression rate over 93%. GPCR expression rate was over 85%.